Ovulation Calculator: Learn to Calculate the Fertile Period

Ovulation Calculator: Learn to Calculate the Fertile Period

To use the ovulation calculator, you need to know the first day your (or your partner’s) last menstrual period occurred so you can calculate the fertile time. It seems confusing but remembering the exact day when menstruation first happened in the last cycle is critical to making the count of when ovulation will occur. Other information without which it becomes difficult to calculate is the average duration of the menstrual cycle. It is more difficult for men to have this control, since menstruation is something of a feminine nature and they are not accustomed to performing this monitoring. But when the relationship is stable and there is interest in the partner’s health, especially if the couple is trying to get pregnant fertility pills to get pregnant fast, the partner can get in touch with her to help her do this calculation.

Knowing the fertile period is important for several reasons:

the woman has control over when menstruation will come if she does not use any type of contraceptive pill; when she knows the probable date of ovulation, she can intensify protection in sexual intercourse to avoid becoming pregnant, if that is not her wish; by knowing her fertile period, the woman can increase the number of times she and her partner have sex on those days, if there is a desire to become parents; upon perceiving delay in the onset of menstruation, she may more easily suspect the possibility of being pregnant; the perception of delayed menstruation for no apparent reason, over and over again, may be an indication that reproductive health needs attention. The question, now, is how to make that control? There is a very simple and practical way of knowing what the fertile period is. Just a calendar, pencil or pen. Whenever menstruation occurs, check the calendar when it was the first day. The following month and the subsequent month, do the same. Then count how many days have passed between one period and another and you will know how many days your cycle lasts.

For all women, the period between ovulating and menstruating will be about 14 days. This is why a woman who has cycles of:

26 days, ovulation on the 12th day;

28 days, ovulation on the 14th day;

30 days, ovulation on the 16th day.

So, you can already mark, on the same calendar, the day you will be ovulating, to plan moments of pleasure with the partner.

What it takes to calculate the fertile period with the ovulation calculator

Just inform the first day of your last menstrual period and the normal duration of your cycle (which can be between 20 and 45 days) to calculate the fertile time. The calculator will tell you the days when you will be most fertile over the next six months.

ATTENTION: This calculator provides only approximate dates, and assumes that you have a regular menstrual cycle. If your menstrual cycles are irregular, it will be harder for you to detect ovulation day only based on this schedule..

Bee Pollen for Pregnancy – Is This Super Food Ideal For Your Pregnancy?

Did you know that taking bee pollen for pregnancy is a great way to make sure that you and your unborn child not only get a wide variety of nutrients, but are safe from disease as well? In addition to this, it also does wonders for helping you feel happier and healthier. Here are a few other things to consider when taking bee pollen. When it comes to making sure your unborn child is born healthy, the best way to ensure this is to make sure that you get a balanced amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. However, during this chaotic time, it’s not uncommon for many pregnant women to experience deficiencies of some kind. This natural substance is the perfect way to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. It doesn’t matter what odd foods you crave or eschew during your pregnancy-this amazing supplement provides you with every single one of the daily required nutrients. These include, but aren’t limited to:





Vitamin A

Vitamin B12

Vitamin C


Amino Acids



This is not only beneficial toward you, but it also helps makes sure your unborn child grows up healthy as well. Studies show that having a balanced amount of nutrients throughout pregnancy can help prevent a variety of physical and mental developmental disorders, such as dyslexia, rickets, weak immune systems, and an amino acid metabolism related disorder called organic acidemia. It also helps prevent poor eyesight, encourages muscle and bone growth, and protects your infant from disease.

How Bee Pollen Can Help With the Pregnancy:

Taking bee pollen for pregnancy is also a good way to ensure the birth goes well. Along with being a natural immune system booster, it also acts as a mild mood stabilizer and gives you a natural energy boost when fatigue sets in. This is especially helpful when you’re flooded with hormones, plagued by aches and pains, and tired to the bone. Bee pollen is wonderful for helping you feel calmer, stronger, and healthier. If you’re wondering if you or your child will experience side effects from taking bee pollen for pregnancy, you can rest assured that most consumers don’t experience any negative effects at all. The few that do occur tend to be very rare and very mild. These include nausea, an itchy mouth or throat, and trouble breathing. If you’re unsure about bee pollen, consult your doctor first.

How to Find the Best Bee Pollen:

If you’re concerned about contamination, you can rest assured that there is a way to ensure that your supplements are free from harmful chemicals and pollutants. Studies show that bee pollen harvested from New Zealand is naturally pure and clean. This is because this region is one of the few places on earth that is secluded enough to be relatively free of pollution. This means that your pollen will be completely clean from the very beginning. Taking bee pollen for pregnancy that has been freeze-dried is a great way to make sure your supplements are as potent as they can be. This is because, unlike other forms of bee pollen, the nutrients aren’t lost during the manufacturing process. Instead, they’re instantly protected and preserved in this form, which means you can rest easy when it comes to getting all of your daily nutrients.